Modern Singapore
Singapore today with some familiar buildings and some very new ones.
See also Serangoon Gardens as it is today.
Alexandra Hospital
Formerly the British
Military Hospital (BMH).
My father spent some time
in it. Photos of this
hospital in 2007 taken by
Lam Chun See can be
viewed at -
For Friends at Memories
of Spore
Anderson Bridge
Supreme Court
Singapore Harbour
Britannia Club
Due for demolition.
Photographed in 2001 by
Paul Edwick
Britannia Club
Photo by Paul Edwick
Commemorative Plaque
In the Britannia Club,
about to be removed and
Hill Street
Orchard Road
The Padang
and St. Andrews Road
on the left, now the
Fullerton Hotel
overshadowed by
Holland Village - 2005
Peter writes:- "Holland
Village today is so much
different from the 1960s.
Lorong Mambong and
Lorong Liput were two
roads bordering the old 2-
storey shophouses (top
right corner of photo). The shop houses in turn faced
the Chip Bee flats. To the right of the taxi stand is
Taman Warna which was a haven for married British
military families (Jalan Kelabu Asap, Jalan Merah Saga,
Jalan Kuning)"
Holland Village
situated opposite the Chip
Bee Estate.
My thanks to Peter Chan for these following photos of Holland Village and Bukit Timah
Holland Avenue with
Holland Village on the left
and Taman Warna on the
Bukit Timah
Where Beauty World once
stood, which was the main
retail area of Bukit Timah.
Bukit Batok TV Tower is in
the distance.
Another view of where
Beauty World once was. A
new modern shopping
centre has been built near
by, named Beauty World.
Chun Tin Road Estate
behind the former Beauty
Chun Tin Road Shop
The old Bukit Timah Post
Office would have stood
where the trees are with
it's main entrance just over
the foot bridge you can see
in the photo. The Post
Office was to the right of
the Halfway House Night
Club and Restaurant.
The Halfway House stood
where this junction is now.
Another view of the
junction and where the
Halfway House was.
Jalan Jurong Kechil
Jalan Jurong Kechil
The following two photos are from Robert Todd and show the demolition underway of the Phoenix Hotel on
Orchard Road, Singapore.
Phoenix Hotel 2008
Phoenix Hotel 2008