Gordon Thompson
Thanks to Gordon Thompson (nicknamed Tomo) for these photos. He was in Singapore 1965 - 68, went to Bourne
and St. Johns
Bourne School - 1966
Back Row - Splodge,
Graham Wakeling, Dougie
Dymond, Roy Dyball,
Steven Vivien, Paul
Starbuck, Ian Williams.
Front Row - Kama Thapa,
Gordon Thompson, Alan
St. Johns -May 1968
Group on the right is
Roger Catchpool
(Splodge), Bert Stratford -
leaning, Roy Thompson
being held with Frank Ives
on the end.
Roger Catchpool died in
1999 from Legionnaires
Disease. He is
remembered with
fondness by friends and
St. Johns - May 1968
Back two are Splodge and
Paul Degg, Bert is in front
of Paul.
St. Johns - May 1968
Front three are Mark ?,
Splodge & Wally, and Right
at back Bert Stratford &
Paul Degg.
Thaipussam & the Temple
Thaipussam & the Temple
This temple was opposite
the National theatre I'm
hanging from the arch on
left side 2nd top
Me when we first arrived at
Berihma Rd off the Bukit
Me at Changi Beach What
fashion sense eh!!
Far East Mansions in
background on River Valley
My bro & mate on a pair
of old Triumphs
My bro & mate on the roof
with Far East Mansions in
the rear
Me on my drum kit
My brother Roy & far right
is Frank Eaves at Gillman
Youth Club
Gillman Y Club again
Me 15 floors up & as I said
it was a great view
View from my balcony
facing Orchard Rd
View from roof overlooking
Kampong by the river
View looking down River
Valley Rd towards National
Theatre which was at end
of road
View of City facing the sea
from roof of Pacific
The two Dudes in the
suits are Roy and Gordon
Thompson leaving Singers
on the 11th May 1968.
Pacific Mansions on River
Valley Road I lived on the
15th floor & had a
great view of the city facing
Orchard Rd
Second photo is Pacific
Mansions as it is today,