Richard Mellish
Thanks to Richard Mellish for these photographs.
Robert Mellish, Richard
Mellish and Paul Craddock -
sitting beside the fountain
The caption says 1963, but
more like 1967.
Robert, Stephen, Maureen
and Richard Mellish.
Richard Mellish
Passport photo taken in
Richborough locker room
Sue Gamble - Rochester
House 1967
School Colours - Cross
Country 1967, Athletics
Mark Harris (Dracks),
Robert Mellish, Richard
Mellish and Gordon
Sanderson (Sandy)
Richborough members of
the St. John’s Cross
Country Team that won
the Pasir Panjang
Secondary Schools Team
Cross Country 1968.
Photo taken around 1962.
L - R Robert, Maureen,
Stephen, mother June,
Martin and Richard.
L - R Paul Starbuck, Carol
Greening, Richard Mellish,
Paul Conway, Eve Harris
and Stephen Mellish at
front. (Tanglin 1968)
This photo was taken on
the Perak River in 1967/68
just after the floods that
destroyed a few bridges
around Kuala Kangsar.
Richard is second from the
right on the back row.
Robert is in the front row.
This was taken in Hereford
in January this year the day
before my father's funeral.
He sadly passed away
The vats in the background
are all full of cider (hic)
At Liss station with my
mother and father the day
I left for Australia,
Sue Gamble
my ex girlfriend taken in
Change Alley approx June
The medal we won for
winning the Pasir Panjang
cross country in 1968.
The team was Mark
Harris, Robert Mellish,
myself and one other.
These three girls were
boarders at Deal House.
L to R Janice Broadie,
Fiona O'Neill, Liz Simpson
.Taken in Summer 1968
Carol Greening and
Eve Huett
Sue Gamble and Richard
Mellish at the front of St.
Johns 1968
Unknown and Dave
Paul (Pongo) Conway and
Paul Starbuck
Carol Greening and
Carol Greening
Sue Gamble
Eve Huett and Carol