Good News Story
These two photos were sent in by Johnny Ho of his friend Robert Holroyd (also known as Robert Allan). Robert
attended Bourne Secondary School and lived in Sian Tuan Avenue initially, then Serangoon Gardens. Johnny and
Robert did have a reunion in the Hyatt Hotel in Singapore in the 1990s, but Johnny then lost contact. These two
photos were displayed on the 'Can You Help' page for several months when Robert's wife spotted the photos, and
Johnny and Robert have now re-established contact.
Gary & Patricia
Robert (left) Gary, Myrtle (mother)
and sister Patricia
Cover of SJS 68 a Fashion
and Art show held on
Saturday 29th July 1968.
The event raised money
both for the school and
House Charities.
SJS 68 Programme of
From the Summit
Magazine, article submitted
by Andrew Barber.
Authorised Collectors
Badge for the Singapore
Children’s Society.
Info sheet posted out to parents for a summer fete on Saturday 20th July 12.00-
6pm at st johns in 1968. it is interesting for the 9 the local charities that would
benefit and were supported in our 'Houses':
Darul Ihsan Boys Home.
Children's Aid society.
Singapore Association for Retarded Children.
Canossa Convent.
Salvation Army.
School for the Deaf.
Ramakrishna Boys Home.
Association for the Blind.
Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus.
Advertising Leaflet for EMI LP
records available to you in
Singapore in 1969
Bukit Timah Hill housing estate
thanks to Brian Raine for this
unusual picture.
Thanks to Maurice Hann for these photos which he says "I have called them "Riding Shotgun". They were taken in
and around Holland Village. Health and Safety certainly didn't exist in those days!"
Old Singapore Coins - Thanks to Lynn Fallon for these pictures.
1961 One Cent
1961 One Cent
1962 One Cent
1962 One Cent
1961 Five Cents
1961 Five Cents
Singapore Dollar
Singapore Dollar
Hell Note
Hell Note