Ian Vale
also known as Scottie.
can be contacted
Janet Cole, Ian Vale and
Shayne Terry.
Photo taken under the
flats on the Chip Bee
Estate, Holland Village. I
used to go there often to
meet up with friends.
Any news on Janet Cole?
Judy Mears and me
Judy lived a No 5
Goodwood Road on the
Sussex Estate.
Judy Mears
Attended Bourne School.
Left Singapore 1969 and
went to Corsham, Wilts for
a while, then Marchwood,
The 'Gang'
Front L-R Ian Vale, Shayne
Terry, Ken Thomas.
Back L-R Mick Burwell and
Tom O'Brien
Tom O'Brien and Judy
Linda James
Attended both Bourne
and St. John's
Went to Detmold and
attended Kings School in
Germany, after Singapore.
Any news on Linda James?
Linda James and Carol?
Carol's surname could be
White. Anybody know if
that's true?
John Scaith.
Attended St. John's.
Believed to have went to
Aldershot after Singapore.
Surname could be spelt
John Hemmings
Nicknamed the 'Bin'
moved to Millbank,
London after Singapore.
Rumour has it that John
was killed in a motorcycle
accident in the early 70's.
Kevin McCarthy
Attended St. John's and
lived on the Kong Kong
Park Estate. Went to
Rayleigh, Essex after
Singapore. Can now be
contacted. Met up with
Kevin for the first time
since Singapore at the
Chandos on the 15th June
Thanks to Dave Papworth
for sending me this photo
of Judy Mears (on the
right) in the Girl Guides,
Dave's sister is in the
centre. Dave's other
photos can be seen here
Ian Vale and Tom O'Brien
Photo taken in 2005 when
Ian was in Newcastle. First
time we had met up in
about 20 years.
Donald Foo
Donalds' uncle ran the
Half Way House in Bukit
Timah which my father
use to frequent
Paul Wensley
with his baby sister
Carmen. Linda James is
looking on. Paul has a
sister called Sylvia who
attended St. John's.
Paul now resides in
Canada. He can be
Sandra (Sandy)
I can't remember her
surname (could be
Harrison), but she was the
love of my life for at least
a week. Sandy came from
New Zealand and
attended Bourne School,
she also played Hockey for
Bourne. This photo was
taken at Dover Road
Swimming Pool in 1968.
Phillip Young
Attended St. John's, and
lived on the Sussex Estate.
Recently re-established
contact with Phillip who
now lives in Australia
Stephen R. Atkins
St. John's. This photo
taken on his return trip
with the Royal Navy
Any news on Steve
Susan Smith
Lived at Eden Park. Left
Singapore for Terendak
Camp, Mallacca then to
I lost contact in the early
Sue and Carol Webb
Lived on the Sussex
Estate. This photo was
taken in the 70's.
Can be contacted.
Eve Stratford and Bob
Taken in 1970.
Tragically Eve was
murdered on the 18th
March 1975, and is dearly
missed by all who knew
The inquiry into the
murder of Eve has been
reopened following new
DNA evidence.
Bert Stratford
Born 5th October 1952,
died the morning of 17th
September 2003 age 50 in
the Intensive Care Unit of
Frimley Park Hospital,
He is finally at rest with his
Mother and sister Eve and
will be remembered, in
our hearts, with much
fondness and affection.
Photo taken in the 70's
Gallery of my friends - Some of these can be contacted. I would be interested to hear about the others.