Geoffrey Moore

Thanks to Geoffrey Moore for these photos from his time in Singapore. Many of these photos are taken from the top
of Airview Towers on the corner of River Valley Road, Singapore 9.
The    young    boys    name    is
Neilson    Ford,    no    idea    of
where he is now.
In    some    of    these    views
can    be    seen    the    Cathay
Pacific   Building,   which   was
one    of    the    (if    not    THE)
tallest          buildings          in
Singapore at the time.
First   (maybe   2nd)   Singapore
Grand Prix.
This    fire    was    among    old
tightly       packed       houses.      
Rumours    at    the    time    was
that     it     may     have     been
started deliberately.
Looking     down     onto     Lee
Kuan     Yew's     house     from
Airview Towers
Roof   of   Airview   Towers   with
the    Cathay    Pacific    Building
in the background
View   from   Pasir   Panjang   of
ships outside the harbour
Gillman Swimming Pool
Gillman Swimming Pool
A            Bourne            School
production   of   the   Wizard   of
A            Bourne            School
production   of   the   Wizard   of