Lynne Copping

Thanks to Lynne Copping (nee Wilson) for submitting these photos. Lynne lived on Pulau Brani from 1958 - 1961 and 1963 - 1966
Lynne, Jean, Pat and Ann
Lynne Wilson 1965
Lynne Wilson 1966
at Payer Lebar Airport
School Ferry leaving Pulau Brani
Pulau Brani. Lynne’s house is top right
St. John’s School
St. John’s School
The following 5 old photos are of buildings that were on Pulau Brani.
My friend Ann Brading sent me a photo of her St Johns school skirt, signed by her friends on her last day of term. Interesting to see the names, I am still in contact with one of them, maybe others will spot names that they know.
Thanks to Janet Nicholls (now Rees), former head girl of AGS, for these three photos. The two boys are Tony Parkinson and Ken Geary.
Mr McFarlane with binoculars, and Mr Bagnall
Carol Downing (right) and Pat Thomas
Officers Mess