A few mementoes from Singapore.
Last meal in Singapore. I didn't take up the offer so I still have the Ticket.
St. John's usually had a school dance once a month.
I'm not sure if this was from an Alex or an Arc dance.
1967 National Day - First Day Cover.
One of my dad's bills after a night out.
This tape recorder lasted for years.
Diptheria Vaccinations All Service Families were issued with this form before going to Singapore. The bottom portion had to be signed and returned.
David Vickers sent in this photo of his memento from Singapore, a Puzzle Box. David said in his email "My parents bought the box for me in either 1963 or 1964. I'm not sure exactly where it came from, possibly Change Alley, but it could equally have come from one of the many night markets in Singapore. My little box has had an interesting life. After Singapore, it travelled back to UK before going on three separate postings to Germany. Thereafter, the horizons widened and the box saw further overseas postings in Zambia, Nepal, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Turkey, Estonia and the Turks and Caicos Islands (with stints in the UK in between), before finally taking retirement. As you will see from the photograph, the outside is now very faded/discoloured but the picture on the inner drawer is still quite vibrant. The musical sound when opening the inner draw is also now very suspect. Overall, though, not too bad after around 45 years of travelling round the world, often to places with damaging climates."
Do these items bring back memories? They have been in my cabinet for years! Submitted by Marilyn Jenner
Craig Hamilton's ticket for his flight back to the UK in 1967.
Submitted by Craig Hamilton who wrote "I was stationed at RAF Tengah and was 19 years old at that time. I must have needed the 18 dollars more than I needed the camera as it was never redeemed. I can't remember what 18 dollars would have bought in terms of say cinema tickets, or at that time of greater importance to me, was how many pints of Tiger or Anchor beer could I get for 18 dollars?"
Our TV license when we were living on the Sussex Estate.
Thanks to Craig Hamilton for this image of a Singapore Blood Transfusion Service Badge that he got for donating blood sometime 1965/66. The 'AOB' on the badge is for the three blood types.
My thanks to Anna Googan for this photo. These baskets were in daily use by girls in school, and this original is photographed with school workbooks autographed by friends in 1967. Baskets were available on every street corner but are impossible to find nowadays.
An empty Match Book from the Halfway House, Bukit Timah.
Thanks to Simon Moore for these photos of his maps.
Mobil Map - Malaya
Mobil Map - detail
Singapore - detail