Dover Road The junction of Dover Road and Clementi Road outside the Sussex Estate. The Kent Bowl and Cinema would have been were the Warren Golf car park is now.
Dover Road Slightly different view taken in 2001.
Entrance to the Sussex Estate Photo taken in 2001
Entrance to the Sussex Estate Photo taken from the other side of Clementi Road
Thanks to Paul Edwick for these photos taken on his return trips to Singapore. You can see more of his photos on other pages.
Sussex Estate 1999 The entrance to the estate would have been on the left hand side of the road, just after the bend.
Sussex Estate 2001 Same view except they are now preparing the land for the building of a new school.
Sussex Estate NAFFI Down there is where the NAFFI Store once stood. Photo taken in 2001
These four photos taken by Roger Thomas - see also Singapore Revisited 4
This is where Sussex Estate used to be. The school is the Nan Hue Secondary School which moved into these premises in December 2003.
These Multi-story Flats surround the area that was the Sussex Estate.
Thanks to Lam Chun See for these two photos taken in July 2007 from a block of high rise flats overlooking the area where Sussex Estate was situated. The t-shape building in the distance is the Singapore Telcom building located on Dover Road.
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