Last video of 22 Goodwood Road, before the demolition of Sussex Estate in 1997.
43 Goodwood Road We moved here from Hong Kong Park in 1968
Goodwood Road Looking right as you are facing my old house
Susan Webb Strolling along Goodwood Road. This photo was taken from the steps of my old house.
Tabletop The view from my bedroom window. We called it Tabletop, now Clementi housing estate, looking towards where Commonwealth Avenue West is now.
Myself & Ken Thomas Ken has his arm in plaster after trying to jump a monsoon drain.
Ian Vale & Shayne Terry Posing for the photograph on the gardeners motorbike.
Shayne Terry & Mick Burwell Taken at the Kent Cinema and Bowling Alley whilst on a return trip with the Royal Navy. The girls boarding houses at St. John's is pointed out.
Coral (surname ?) and Rosie (Burwell) at The Eye, Cuscaden House Hotel, June 1971. Rosie Burwell used to live at No. 1 Goodwood Road.
Sussex Estate The view from Tabletop towards Sussex Estate.
Paul, Sylvia and Carmen Wensley taken just before leaving Singapore.
Bobby Wallace 1967
Ron Wallace 1967
John Moorhouse in the back garden at 25 Goodwood Road with Betty, his late mother.
Jane and John Moorhouse
Jane Moorhouse with mother Betty and sister Helen
Anne Hills and Terry Buckle. Terry lived on the Sussex Estate from 1964 to 1966.
Kathy Bird and Terry Buckle
Linda Helm
32 Goodwood Road which was Terry's house. More photos from Terry can be seen here
Thanks to Peter Chan for this aerial view of Sussex Estate in 1960
Laurie Bane Lived at 57 Goodwood Road. 1965 to 1968. More photos from Laurie can be seen here
Thanks to David and Stephen Prior for this, and the following four photos. A Comet Tank on the Sussex Estate about to go to Table Mountain with the Singapore Military Forces (SMF).
Another Comet Tank on a Diamond T Tank Transporter at the same location.
Carol Pettit and Dawn Thomas.
Lynette Evans taken on the Sussex Estate.
Roger "Commando" Taylor - why was he called Commando? Because he wanted to be one. We need to ask him to see whether he followed his dream. Taken at the back of the Sussex Estate on the SMF training area.
Peter Garvey's Peter Garvey submitted this photo of the house he lived in from '67 to '69.
Sussex Estate
Sussex Estate is long gone, but I have some wonderful memories of living there