Dave Papworth

Thanks to Dave Papworth, who attended Tengah '67 to '68, and Bourne School, 1968 to '69, for these photos which
his mother took.
Brownie revels July 1969,
First names, (L-R) Susan,
Helen, Kim and Jane.
Our Car!
A        1951        Morris.        We
travelled   over   10,000   miles
in   it.   I   remember   that   you
could       see       the       road
through   the   floor   in   a   few
Changi Hotel
Front     view     of     the     Changi
Hotel.     Some   families   stayed
here   in   transit   back   to   the   UK
at   the   end   of   their   tour.     We
were     here     for     two     weeks
having   missed   our   flight   back
Changi Hotel
Rear   view   of   the   Hotel.   My
mum is on the seat.
Concrete Nanny
Female      manual      worker
from         china,         dubbed
"Concrete       Nannies"       so
called         because         they
adopted   kids   from   poorer
families    and    did    manual
work.         The     money     was
used   to   give   the   adopted
kids     a     good     education.    
The       hats       worn       were
usually red.
Mums     Netball     team     the
Dakotas.     Netball   amongst
the        wives        was        very
popular.       Louise    Manning
is     front     row     far     right.
Phyllis   Kieft   is   second   from
left on back row.
If   you   recognise   yourself   or
are    in    touch    with    anyone
in    this    photo,    then    Dave
would    like    to    hear    from
This     is     me     looking     out
over   the   harbour   through
my then new "toy".
Far East Mansions
Taken    in    the    grounds    of
Far   East   Mansions.     That’s
me   in   the   glasses   and   my
sister   is   in   the   green   skirt.  
These    are    some    puppies
we       temporarily       looked
after   from   the   SPCA.     Note
the   Buddhist   temple   in   the
The   boy   with   the   striped   T-
Shirt   is   Peter   Manning.   Far
left   is   Paul   Kieft   and   next
to   him   with   the   dark   hair
is his brother Mark Kieft.
Female Cop
A   Singapore   policewoman.  
Note   the   Anglia   van,   when
did    you    last    see    one    of
General View
General      view      from      my
sister’s      bedroom      (1969)
the     Fifth     floor     Far     East
Mansions.       The    road    was
probably River Valley.
Hill 152
Hill   152   was   in   the   NE   of
the   island;   an   old   saw   mill
was     situated     there     and
was    a    favourite    place    for
the       "Mansions"       Cubs,
Brownies,       Guides       and
Scouts   to   go.     Here   we   are
learning   to   cook.     (I   am   in
the green shirt).
Hill 152
Another                   favourite
Scouting/Guiding       activity
taking place at Hill 152.
Hill 152
Scout camp at Hill 152
I'm   on   the   extreme   right.     I
believe   the   boy   on   the   left
in      the      blue      shirt      was
named    Ken    and    the    boy
next    to    me    was    named
One   of   74   Sqn's   Lightning’s,
"Delta" taken at Tengah.
Lion Dance
Lion   Dance   during   one   of
the National Days.
Two   local   girls   taken   in   the
Botanical     Gardens.         The
floral        display        in        the
background    was    part    of    a
working clock.
This was part of a funeral
Macritchie Reservoir
A     fountain     at     Macritchie
reservoir,        the        Islands
largest of three.
Malaya Village
A     typical     Malaya     Village
built   on   wooden   stilts   over
Malaya Village
The    same    village    (I    think)
but     this     section     was     in-
Far       East       and       Pacific
Mansions        taken        from
Mount    Faber,    Singapore's
highest    point.    They    were
some       of       the       tallest
buildings at the time.
National Day
National    Day    parade,    Aug
National Day
National     Day     again,     this
time      members      of      the
Singapore   police,   note   the
National     Theatre     in     the
National Theatre
A   side   view   of   the   fountain
at   the   front   of   the   National
Theatre    building.    I    believe
this        has        now        been