Dave Papworth page 3

Page three of Dave Papworths’ photos.
The Dakotas
The    Dakotas    netball    team
in      action      at      Far      East
Mansions.     Mum   is   in   the
orange       top,       bandaged
Junior Netball
This   was   the   Junior   netball
team       from       Far       East
Mansions.       Mum    used    to
help with the coaching.
Pacific Mansions
Pacific   Mansion   taken   from
the    "garden"    of    Far    East
Mansions.       We    kids    used
the   roof   of   the   building   in
the   foreground   as   a   short
cut.         The     occupants     of
course   used   to   object!     A
block    of    flats    now    stands
where   the   “garden”   used   to
Raffles Village
Raffles     Village,     not     sure
what the building was.
TK Chia wrote to say that:-
Raffles   Village   is   located   on
Cuscaden         Road,         just
behind        Tanglin        Road.       
Today    it    is    the    proposed
site    for    the    new    St.    Regis
Raffles Village
My   sister   and   I   are   in   the
cart       taken       at       Raffles
Some   of   the   Brownies   who
helped    out    down    at    the
SSPCA.     My   sister   is   in   the
blue Guide uniform.
Street Scene
A   general   street   scene,   note
the   black   car   with   the   yellow
roof,    a    standard    Singapore
Tanglin    Court    Hotel    in    the
foreground     and     Far     East
behind.           Some      families
initially     stayed     at     Tanglin
Court    while    waiting    for    a
vacant       married       quarter.      
Posh       looking       residential
flats     have     since     replaced
Tanglin Court.
Thaipussam,        a        Hindu
festival    of    penance.       This
guy   is   wearing   a   Kavardi,   (a
steel    cage)    complete    with
spikes    that    penetrate    the
That   pin   goes   through   his
cheeks    and    right    through
his    tongue,    so    much    for
seventies   punk   era,   this   lot
were doing it first!
A     general     view     of     the
A general crowd scene.
Inside    a    Buddhist    temple
during    Vesak    day.       This
was     similar     to     our     own
Harvest   Festival.     We   were
invited     by     our     Chinese
Amah    and    allowed    in    by
the Monks to watch.
Inside    the    temple.       Note
the    "money"    tree,    where
notes   were   placed   as   gifts
for the monks.
The   altar.     If   I   remember
correctly    those    bottles    of
holy    water    were    actually
F&N    (Fraser    and    Neave)
pop   bottles!     (I   think   F&N
was           an           Australian
Inside          the          temple.         
Worshippers        purchased
gold   leaf   and   stuck   it   on   to
this    statue.       Our    Chinese
Amah is in the foreground.
Singapore National
Taken    from    our    5th    floor
flat,     Far     East     Mansions,
circa   1968.     I   am   not   sure
what    the    occasion    is    but
that    small    marquee    is    set
up    right    outside    the    flat
that      was      used      as      the
families      club      so      would
assume   there   was   a   do   of
some     kind     on,     complete
with marching band.
A Wyang theatre that sprang up in
Orchard Road.